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Experience the Experts

out experience cannot be rivalled Experience – it can’t be bought… and can’t be sold… it can only be earned. The experience we’ve got of selling electronic components goes back two decades.

Twenty-five years ago we were selling germanium diodes, 2K EPROMS, ECL Logic and even cadmium plated connectors. Twenty years ago CMOS technology hadn’t been invented, Zilog were developing the Z80 microprocessor, static rams didn’t exist and a young programmer by the name of Gates was trying to do a deal with IBM.

attention to detail in Harlow

Growing up with the changes in our industry has been a learning process which is part of the cost of experience.

Today we don’t sell our experience. It’s just a part of the product bundle our customers seek. The edge gained by experience is what makes LI Components EUROPEAN EXPERTS.

Utilise our experience… it’s easier to buy components from experts!!



early ibm pc LI Components was set up in 1985 just a few months after the first IBM Personal Computer rolled off the production line at the Dalrymple Street plant in Greenock. We became the first broker in the world to be ISO9000 certified in 1988.

In 2005 the LI Components brand and associated electronic component trading activities were assigned by LI Components Ltd to Contact Distribution Ltd.

Today we have three offices - two in Scotland and one in France.

All administration, database management and accounting is located in Perth, Scotland - address here.

Goods shipping, receiving and returns are handled in Harlow - address here.

All other locations are marketing centres only.


Business Focus

li components business focus We are a Business-to-Business trader supplying industrial, commercial, governmental and professional customers worldwide. Our focus on the B2B market allows us to provide a very high level of service to a relativly small number of customers. We recommend www.electronicsobsolete.com for smaller quantities of obsolete components.


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