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Information for our Suppliers

Our Buying Criteria

quality - service - price




Always in that order – quality always comes first.

Top quality and good service always go together.


How We Buy

By phone and fax. Most of our orders are back-to-back… so response times are critical.

We need answers back within minutes… or hours… not days.

Suppliers who quote us the quickest get the most orders.


Our Order Process

Our requirements are very simple – ship the exact quantity of the correct product, on the exact date, by our precise shipping method at the quoted price.

  1. We may place orders by phone… but will always confirm by fax.
  2. We can only accept:
    • new product, unused, un-programmed and un-tested.
    • the exact manufacturer and exact part number we have ordered.
    • date codes – maximum of 12 months on date of receipt
    • discrete components must be on tape and reel
    • complete orders only – no partials
  3. We cannot accept components which have been:
    • previously soldered into boards
    • previously socketed
    • previously assembled in any way
    • re-furbished, cleaned or re-tinned in any way

    The quality of the product we receive is vital to the confidence our customers have in us. We expect our suppliers to respect this confidence and insist that they share our quality standards 100%.

  4. Overdue orders are subject to automatic cancellation.
  5. Everything we buy is subject to incoming inspection and will be rejected if it does not meet the requirements of our order.
  6. All our orders are placed subject to our conditions of purchase. These conditions are printed on the reverse of each purchase order and will be faxed along with each purchase order. If you cannot read any part of our purchase order or the conditions please contact us immediately. Our conditions of purchase are also available on this website.


Shipping Instructions

processing orders in Harlow

We buy "FoB" which means that we are responsible for shipping charges, duty and taxes.

It is very important that you use the exact shipping method we specify - because we have special arrangements (and discounts) with United Parcel Service.

Ship by UPS International Express

Freight charges to our UPS account number.

Ship and bill to the address on top of our purchase order.


Documentation as follows :

Inside the parcel put one copy of your packing note, and one copy of your invoice.

  1. Outside the parcel, attach one copy of your packing note, and outside the EU, five copies of your invoice.
  2. Outside the parcel write in BIG LETTERS the airwaybill number.
  3. Complete the airwaybill in full, BUT DO NOT INSURE.
  4. Mail us the original copy of your invoice - direct to our accounts department - so that you are paid more quickly.

Finally... when you have made a shipment, send us a brief fax with the waybill number - and a list of the orders in the consignment.

Important... Use "UPS International Express " only! NOT the cheaper 7 day Worldwide Expedited or Standard Services.

ALWAYS... Ship and bill to our Harlow Warehouse, England.


Conditions of Purchase

Download conditions of purchase (pdf, 15kb)

Get pdf reader software If you don't already have it, click here for
free pdf reader software updates from Adobe.


LI Components
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